What is a “Hup (clap) HEY!” anyway?

 A “Hup” in circus terms is a call that signals other performers to get ready.  It may be shorthand for “heads up”, as in here comes a juggling ball, person, or a big group ending to a routine. It definitely is a call to the present moment. When you follow the “Hup” with a clap and then everyone shouts, “HEY!” (usually with their arms stretched out high in the air)  you get a traditional ending, or “style” to an act (followed by roaring applause from the audience).  We also use the “Hup (clap) HEY!” as a means to close all of our classes, workshops, camps and performances. We have found that it represents all the joy, community, teamwork, accomplishment, and fun that we want our company to share with the world.  So we took it as our name. Go ahead and give it a try!

Here’s an example of a Hup (clap) HEY!

Do you offer financial aid?

We believe in “Circus fun for everyone!” We aim to offer as much financial aid and scholarship as possible. To inquire, please send an email off our contact page.

If you would like to donate to our scholarship fund, please reach out to us via our contact page.

How to register?

Registration is now open for HCH Circus Summer Camp in Minneapolis: Click here to register.

To find out more information about our other summer offerings please send an email to info@hupclaphey.org

What is your COVID-19 response?

HCH policies reflect guidance from the CDC and MN Department of Health and are designed to promote the health and safety of children, teachers, and families. More detailed information about HCH practices and policies for health and safety during camp will be provided when registration is confirmed. Please note that our health and safety measures may include:

* Diligent enforcement of illness policy; sick or symptomatic children (or adults) will not be able to attend camp.

* The program will be held mostly outdoors.

* Masking guidelines will be updated closer to the time of the camps.